What is the Most Convenient Source of Glutathione?

As you probably already know there a number of methods that can be used introduce glutathione gsh in your system, but did you know that supplements are the most convenient source of glutathione that you can use?

In this article I am going to give you the nitty-gritty on each way that you might take glutathione and compare them to the ease and convenience that you will find in using supplements.

The Internet is a great tool but sometimes when you are researching a subject such as the best source of glutathione you be deluged with pages and resources, we call this information overload. You are hit with so much information all at once that it becomes confusing to sort out. This article is designed to give you the information that you need in one easy to absorb place.



There are many foods that include the building blocks necessary to increase glutathione in your system. Here is a quick List of the foods that you might add to your diet –

  • Avocado
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Raw Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Turmeric
  • Unprocessed Meats

Pros: Eating the foods in the list will definitely ensure that you get enough dietary fiber and will help your body create glutathione.
Cons: Unfortunately, the foods mentioned in the list are not foods that everyone loves. As a source of glutathione foods do not provide enough of the precursors to glutathione in a single meal to be of great benefit. Last but not least you may have to change your grocery shopping habits.

IV or Intravenous Glutathione

IV treatments as a source of glutathione require that you visit a doctor or other professional. An IV treatment gets glutathione directly into the blood stream.
Pros: IV treatments as a source of glutathione get the antioxidant into the system faster than other methods. The speed of these treatments is great for those who are hospitalized and where speed is of the essence.
Cons: While you can order IV glutathione you must have the knowledge and ability to start and IV all by yourself if you plan to self-administer. Barring self-administration, you will need to have someone who has the training and knowledge come to your home or you will have to go to them.

Trans Dermal Glutathione

You can now take glutathione just like someone who is trying to quit smoking does, with a patch.
Pros: This source of glutathione is easy to use and easy to apply
Cons: While the glutathione in the patch is by passing the digestive system, it is not being disbursed throughout the body. Trans dermal glutathione delivers pure glutathione to the skin and dose very little if anything to help your body produce its own supply. Glutathione begins to lose its potency when used in gels or creams.

Glutathione Cream

Creams or gels are convenient in that you can just apply them and forget them, but the convenience is emphasized while the ineffectiveness is down played.
Pros: Creams and Gels are easy to use and are easily transported.
Cons: Most creams and gels contain pure glutathione, which breaks down and loses potency. Pure glutathione applied to the skin the chance of your skin absorbing enough of this antioxidant to actually be helpful are very small.

Nebulized (inhaled) Glutathione

For those who suffer from asthma and other breathing problems the nebulized form has proven to be a good source of glutathione.
Pros: Inhaled glutathione has proven to help those who suffer from breathing problems such as asthma and bronchitis. This source of glutathione is relatively easy to use.
Cons: Nebulizer equipment can be rather expensive and you may need a prescription in order to get it. There is no proof that taking glutathione using this method disburses the antioxidant throughout the body. Remember, pure glutathione is difficult for our bodies to absorb.

Glutathione Supplements

The supplement market is vast and is a source for many vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.
Pros: As a source of glutathione, supplements are easy to take and convenient.
Cons: Many manufacturers promote pure glutathione supplements, and these are all but useless since glutathione is broken down by our digestive system before it can be absorbed.

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